2020 Annual Theme: Medical Technology


Medical technology - a broad field of innovative patient care

Medical technology is becoming increasingly important in modern medicine. This is supported by a wide range of technologies, from the development of prosthetic constructions to IT-based diagnostic and therapeutic methods and the use of artificial intelligence. Surgical robots and remote-controlled auxiliary devices are now part of everyday life in microsurgery. In 2020, the BioValley meeting point in Lörrach will present different areas of this broad and innovative field. In the first half of the year, the WFL Wirtschaftsförderung Lörrach GmbH will organise two lectures on this topic:

Wednesday, Februar 19, 2020, 7 pm 
Dr. Volker Möckel, Global Trial Director, Novartis Pharma AG, Basel:
"Medical technology in modern medicine - an overview and examples from 3D technology"

Selected examples of medical technology are presented:
•    Wearables (e.g. mobile ECG recording) in diagnostics
•    Deep Learning in the toxicological testing of substances
•    Prostheses controlled by software (artificial intelligence)
•    Medical application of 3D printing
•    Artificial organs on a chip

In a second block, under the title "Reinventing the tablet - 3D printing makes it possible", Dr. Möckel will introduce the following aspects of 3D printing of tablets with a focus on the associated future technologies:
•    Decentralized printing (e.g. in specialized pharmacies)
•    3D printing in pharmaceutical tablets for children, combination products

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