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Companies at Innocel


The Innocel Innovation Centre in Lörrach is a local community of currently 26 companies from the areas of life sciences, medical technology, technical services and digital innovation. The Innocel building is a workplace with just under 180 employees.

The table below provides an overview of the services offered and the associated competencies of the companies based at Innocel. (See pdf - Companies at Innocel)

AiM GmbH
AiM GmbH is a research and consultancy firm. With regard to evidence-based cost reimbursement, AiM develops concepts for the smoothest possible market introduction of medical devices. AiM's support includes advice on appropriate study protocols, the performance of cost reimbursement research, the elaboration and implementation of market access strategies. Another area that AiM is involved in is the well-founded scientific preparation of benefit assessments and health economy models.
Sector: Life sciences, Employees: 5, Date of entry: 1 April 2009, Manager: Michael Weißer

Basilea Pharmaceutica Deutschland GmbH
Basilea is a commercial and revenue-generating Swiss biotech company. Our activities focus on the areas of oncology, hospital antibiotics and hospital fungicides. Our portfolio comprises two marketed anti-infective brands (Cresemba® and Zevtera®) and three oncology drug candidates currently under development.
Sector: Biotechnology

Cabsol Deutschland GmbH
Together with partners from Germany and Switzerland, Dinalys GmbH develops products for the areas of traumatology, spinal surgery and neurology. Another area of focus is technical and strategic support for medicotechnical companies.
Sector: Medical technology

Dinalys GmbH
Stefan Schwer

Together with partners from Germany and Switzerland, Dinalys GmbH develops products for the areas of traumatology, spinal surgery and neurology. Another area of focus is technical and strategic support for medicotechnical companies.
Sector: Medical technology

Embedded Solution Krauß
Services for embedded systems: Hardware and software development from the smallest microcontroller to the “embedded Linux” as well as freelance project support.

Freyr Life Sciences GmbH
Suren Dheenadayalan

Global provider of services for the entire value chain in the area of regulations for customers in the life sciences, food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and medical products industries.

GxP Logistics Services GmbH
Pharmaceutical wholesale market, procurement of comparators,
GMP inspections for medicines (batch certification and batch release procedures in the EU), project management for clinical test sample logistics (blinding, manufacturing, storage and distribution), global distribution logistics, order fulfilment for medical and nutritional supplements.

Hemex Germany GmbH
Hemex supports young start-ups as well as established companies with a broad range of expertise in the development of pharmaceutical products, medical products and veterinary medicines. Our experts have enjoyed successful careers in the pharmaceuticals and/or medtech industry and have made a significant contribution to the development and approval of various innovative products.

Idorsia Pharmaceuticals Deutschland GmbH
Idorsia Pharmaceuticals Deutschland GmbH undertakes clinical development on behalf of Idorsia Pharmaceuticals Ltd. and acts as its representative to obtain official approval in the EU.

IL-CSM Clinical Supplies Management GmbH
Dr. Peter Schüpbach

Procurement of comparators, blinding, primary and secondary packaging of clinical test samples, QP services (including vaccines and sera), EU central warehousing, distribution, transport of supplies to and from a given location and disposal. Additionally: Regulatory and logistic full service for medicinal products from third countries to be used on the EU market; comprehensive regulatory support for customs matters and financial support for EU imports, for queries regarding VAT handling, EU approval, warehousing, pre-whole logistics and order fulfilment (order processing for end customers).

inspectrum Filmproduktionen
Production of films for the industrial sector (company profiles, product videos, training videos, documentation of meetings, congresses and events, instructional videos, recruitment films, company TV).
Sector: Media production

InteRES GmbH
InteRES GmbH is one of the leading technology providers in the tourism industry. Among other things, international customers - well-known tour operators, travel agencies and airlines - benefit from tailored multi-host solutions, particularly in the flight sector. Together with all kinds of airlines, InteRES designs software-based solutions for personalised quote creation in an NDC-driven world and advises airlines on all matters regarding their path to becoming a retailer.

Heiko Mückei, Martin Rauscher

As an IT service provider, INTESO GmbH advises and supports companies and organisations with a particular need for IT security. The encryption of sensitive data, legally compliant email archiving, data backup in the area of fire protection, 24/7 monitoring and virtualisation are some of the key competencies of this experienced team.

IT Law Management Deutschland GmbH
Centre of excellence for office and service management, quality management and quality assurance for companies and organisations, in particular for offices of law firms, tax consultants, auditors and notaries, partner for certifications as per ISO 9001.

Kodotec Technische Dokumentation
Services for technical documentation: Editing, documentation design, structuring and standardisation, translation and terminology, layout and sentence arrangement, tools and editing systems, support.
Sector: Technical services

livetec Ingenieurbüro GmbH
Michael Schirmeier, Klaus Reichenbach

Medical (OEM) products such as radiofrequency ablation systems, external pacemakers, low-level laser therapy devices, wireless electrocardiogram support module, cordless sensors and development of components and devices with telemetric features such as for ECG monitoring systems, active implants.
Sector: Medicine/medical technology

MentalWin Coaching
MentalWin Coaching is active in the areas of communication, organisational development and team building/training. Their focus is on the following topics: Awareness & communication, self-management, conflict management, developing managers, teams and companies, life balance. I offer team coaching, individual coaching and workshops. Work with me to achieve your goals and be rewarded with success!

Merges GmbH
Merges GmbH introduces Swiss life science products to the EU with the purpose of selling them. It also offers customers in Europe the opportunity to introduce medicines produced in Switzerland to the EU and approve them for the market. In turn, it procures raw materials and packaging for use in Switzerland.

Nexacor GmbH
IT services and project management, client and server systems, IT security, email archiving, local networking and network technology (W-LAN, LAN, hotspot solutions).

nexcert GmbH
Project management, organisational support, quality management and assurance, integrated management systems, auditing, IT projects and services.

PharmaKorell GmbH
Consultancy, expert opinion and interim management. Areas of speciality: Pharma-GMP, GDP, ISO9001, ISO13485, quality assurance, chemical and pharmaceutical product development, quality control, import of medicines to the EU and Switzerland; creation of regulatory and technical documents; takeover of Qualified Person function in Germany, Switzerland and Liechtenstein; import of medicines and QP approval; secondary packaging and storage of medicines.

Santhera Pharmaceuticals (Deutschland) GmbH
Santhera is active in the area of discovery and development of medicines as well as their import, distribution and marketing. Their focus is on products for rare diseases, particularly those that are mitochondrial and neuromuscular in their origins.

Seclore GmbH
Seclore is the global market leader in the area of data-centric security and focusses on the safeguarding of confidential data. As the winner of numerous renowned awards and hundreds of projects worth of experience, Seclore has established itself as a global company with 7 international offices and 225 employees in total. More than 2,000 customers worldwide trust Seclore technology to ensure that their important business data is protected anytime, anywhere and cannot be used without authorisation.
Sector: IT services

Stieler Technologie und Marketing-Beratung GmbH & Co.KG
Market-oriented consultancy for technology companies (international market and technology analyses, identification of new products/market segments, support with tapping into new markets and acquisition), advising companies searching for cooperation partners and M&A projects, market entry and market expansion strategies in Europe, America and Asia.

VascoMed GmbH
Development and production of catheters and electrodes for electrophysiological applications.

Wirtschaftsregion Südwest GmbH
Local marketing, formation and management of regionally relevant networks, advising companies and communities, events on economic topics.
Sector: Business development

WFL Wirtschaftsförderung Lörrach GmbH
Lörrach's business development company and running Innocel Innovation Centre Lörrach, networking professionals and promoting young talent, trade, estate and location development.