Innocel Innovations-Center Lörrach

Innocel Innovations-Center Lörrach GmbH is the business development agency of the City of Lörrach and offers numerous services to businesses in Lörrach and the surrounding region.

Innocel also serves as a forward-looking regional community not only to entrepreneurs and young start-ups but to established businesses, as well. These businesses' key fields of operation lie in the areas of IT, telecommunication, life sciences and medical technology. At Innocel, entrepreneurs seeking to launch companies in these industries are given the space and support they need to successfully master their first few years of independence.

Innocel also heads up a variety of networks involving regional players from the realms of business and science while simultaneously developing and managing various economic development projects on this basis.

Innocel's team has an open ear for businesses and is an ideal partner for your business development activities.

Find out more about us and the services we provide both here and on the other pages of our website. We would be happy to meet with you in person and look forward to hearing from you!

Some special services offered by Innocel include:

Unternehmen im Innocel

Die Portraits der Unternehmen im Innocel-Quartier finden Sie hier